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Corporations    – Do Well by Doing Good

Vancouver Recovery Through Art Society and The Art Studios are effective, reputable, honest and ethical, and plan on being around a long time. Partner with us to:

  • Have positive impact and exposure in the community

  • Show your employees that you care

  • Support your employees to volunteer and encourage good moral

  • Increase the quality of life in our society


How You Can Help Us:

Donate to our silent auction at The Art Studios Annual Winter Sale.  We expect over 400 attendees who are typically from the hip Main Street area.

Buy finished artwork from our program participants.

Decorate your head office with local artwork.

Display our finished artwork for sale in your reception area.

Help us fundraise through activities in the office or in the community.

Join us as a partner and help us sustain The Art Studios.

How we can help you?

Give your employees a mental health break with a 2-hour workshop using art.

It is amazing how art can bring out the creativity in your employees.  We are experts in creating safe, non-judgmental environments for our students.


Reach us at contact@vrtas.ca

Spread the Word

The Vancouver Recovery Through Art Society has an exciting future in mental health and addiction recovery.

Join Us

Together, we can ensure that The Art Studios will continue to thrive.

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising is vital for The Art Studios to survive. Join our team to:

  • network with corporations and major donors to donate

  • gain experience writing grant proposals

  • brainstorm event ideas, give tours of The Studios, help with Art Nights and more

  • work with great people who want to make a difference.


There is much to do in the background for Recovery Through Art to grow:

  • Connect with emails

  • Help with the website

  • Keep our files up to date

  • Help our Secretary with Governance duties.

Board Member:

Here is opportunity to have great effect on a growing organization. Help guide Recovery Through Art – consider joining our Board.

  • We are currently searching for a potential Board member with an accounting background

Be Our Ambassador:

Network and Connect

Tell people about us!

Mental illness and addiction affects all levels of society. Family, friends, work colleagues – one in five are impacted by mental health issues.

Reach us at contact@vrtas.ca