Mar 24

Upcoming Art Show: The Healing Power of Nature

Healing Power of Nature invite

The Healing Power of Nature


Mental Illness can be summed up as an experience of disconnection, whether that be from society at large, one’s support network specifically, or reality as a whole.

Being in nature when it is being moderate can be very healing, the mist of rain and a gentle breeze bring us back into the raw moment and our troubles subside for awhile.

It reminds us that we are connected with something larger than ourselves and has the ability, if we allow it, to dilute our problems so they become manageable.

This body of work from The Art Studios painters celebrates natural beauty and its ability to nurture our spirits and heal our souls by reconnecting ourselves.

Please join us at The Heartwood Café on Saturday April 25th for an evening of live music, discussion with the artists, and a celebration of art and nature.